Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani #3YEARSofYJHD


Drama, dance, emotion, love, laughter, friends, fights,work , marriage, insane 20’s.
This movie had it all.
3 Years!? Long time right?

Who would have thought of a movie with such an awesome star cast will leave us bewildered and keep us thinking for life?

With each character teaching us something,we just manage to connect with each one in some or the other way.

Naina Talvar,a prefect depiction of the nerd of the high school who just turned the prettiest and hottest person. ♥

A lot of us cannot deny the fact that things around will keep changing and we will be the ones resisting it most of the times.

Unknown of the fact that change is the only constant and is inevitable.

Moving on is  maybe something that you didn’t plan to. But you need to, either for the person or for yourself.

Somethings are better of when they aren’t spoken about. Somethings are the best when kept in the closet.

So that when you go back in time someday, you understand you weren’t wrong and also get a silly smile on that face thinking how insanely immature your thoughts could  be.

Kabir Thapar aka Bunny,the cunning chocolate boy, he did whatever he wanted to, dreams fulfilled,he loved experimenting, lived life to the fullest, enjoyed like he wanted to, with endless fun.

But old connections were lost in the process.

It isn’t practically possible for a person to keep everyone together, there comes a point in life when we should let go, to excel, to do what we always wanted to.

But what we also need to realise keeping in touch with friends or family isn’t going to cost you a lot!
One call or video chat for few minutes and reviving chat will always get a smile on that face.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani not only taught us to be what we are, but also reduce the baggage that you’ve been carrying for ages.

It’ll just refrain you from being what you are and keep you thinking about the past.

Aditi knew how to drop off the past and be with a person that makes you happy.

Doing this might cause some sadness, dejection and you may even think you’re lonely.

But wait, there is someone who can make you happy, so why not be with the person and be happy. 🙂

Avi, yes the total wasted, drunk, the “Juari” kinda guy, being the spoilt brat, he never left his friends whatever be it.

Well, being strong on your morale is probably an important virtue.

If you’re direct to your fellow beings, friends you can get stuff cleared at that moment, the more you refrain, the more will be the pain and will only cause problems.

A rule which Avi  followed was not mixing business with relations, because he knew he might probably lose one of the two or both.

There might be tough times, but yeah even those shall pass. The best part about tough times is that, it makes you more able, ready enough any situation further.

Another reason why we loved the movie was probably because of the cheesiest lines, like
“Tumhari smile kitni dangerous hai pata hai?  Mere paas dil hota na, teri smile pe pakka aa jaata”
Tum pehle bhi itni khoobsurat thi … yah waqt ne kiya koi haseen sitam?
Which maybe the most cliché dialogues , but can instantly cheer up any woman.

People may come and go, friends are meant to stay.

Never let anything around you let you down, keep going, keep flying, because you know what you truly are.

The reason why most of connect to the movie is because  each one of us has experienced some of those moments at some point in our life.

This movie will always bring mixed emotions and leave us mesmerized.

Thank you Deepika Padukone,Ranbir Kapoor,Kalki Koechlin,Aditya Roy Kapur for being a part of this movie
Thank You Ayan Mukherjee for a brillant movie.